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I'm Tatum Lenahan

a jewelry-designing gem whisperer who loves making a connection through every piece 

From a little girl collecting sea glass treasures off the beaches of Barbados to the founder of a brand celebrating 18 years in business, I am absolutely in love with this wild and wonderful ride. Hand-selecting the gemstones that truly speak to me, cleansing and charging them with some serious positive energy, and turning them into high-quality wearable pieces of art is my way of sharing their beauty with the world. 

These days, it’s the Love Tatum Live Tribe that drives me. What started as showcasing a few gemstones and jewelry pieces on a table, has transformed into me specifically designing and sourcing gemstones for each week’s themed lives. So you could say that every week me and the girls get together to shop but I would say it’s much more than that. It has evolved into an incredible community of women that feel like friends and family. Through so much change (the good and bad) this is our constant safe space where they can admire the beauty of mother nature and if a piece speaks to them give that bad boy a home and let the other ladies cheer them on!

Offline you can find me with my toes in the sand or my daughter in my lap...preferably both

Tatum's Top Twelve

Being a mama to my daughter Ever Aila.

My husband Nate, a talented landscape architect, and the lovely little life full of big dreams that we’ve made.

Family beach days. Nate and I building sand castles, collecting shells, and splashing in the waves with little Ever.

Our French bulldog Dumpling. There’s a bronze statue of Dumpling at Civita Park in San Diego.

Raising monarch butterflies—growing milkweed, nurturing their eggs, and releasing these awe-inspiring beauties out into the world.

Getting creative in the kitchen. My culinary school background sure comes in handy whether I’m putting the garden’s bounty to use.

Our home. It’s where we cook, eat, garden, love, create, dream, and do. It’s my happy place.

Gemstones, clearly. The colors, the sparkles! I’m forever amazed by the magic, power, and beauty of these gifts from the earth.

My Live Tribe! I live for Love Tatum IG Lives and the community we’ve created. Such a safe, supportive, positivity-spreading space.

My edible garden. It feeds my family and my soul. Peppers, zucchini, tomatoes. Did you know if you snap the tip of a blackberry branch, it will grow two more shoots and double the blackberries?!

The next big dream: owning land in Hawaii so I can let my nature-loving self run wild.

Welcome the newest member to our Tribe, Little Miss Moo Shu Frenchie #2. You are the Moo Shu to our Dumpling!

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