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Live Shopping Parties

Love Tatum Instagram Lives are where the magic truly happens. These super special shopping events take place every Wednesday at noon on Love Tatum’s Instagram feed. Set your notifications to be reminded and when we go Live as times and dates are added weekly, you’ll see a gorgeous spread of handpicked, pristine gemstones and jewelry, often first peeks of our newest finds and designs. Each session starts with a little sacred spray spritz and a singing bowl kickoff to truly set the mood. Then Tatum showcases each piece in the spread, so you can use the comments to claim the ones that call to you.
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The Magic Happens Together

What’s extra incredible about these events though is what Tatum loves to call our LT Live Tribe—the most amazing, welcoming, kind community that’s organically grown out of our LT Lives. Yes, shopping with the girls is fun—seriously, it’s the ultimate “girl time,” where we get to joyfully cheer each other on in the presence of gorgeous gemstones!—but it’s the positive vibes and the feelings of being in such a safe, supportive, beautiful space that are so nourishing to the soul. Come for the fluorite towers, stay for the new friends! We shop, we play, we laugh, and are entertained when Tatum has her spicy moments—we always want you to leave our Lives in higher spirits than when you came and with a greater sense of peace.

Upcoming Lives

Weekly Lives

Live Shopping every Wednesday at 12pm PST, check @lovetatum's stories for dates and times.

May (dates TBD)
Warehouse Lives

Rare specimens you don't want to miss! Check @lovetatum on instragram stories to find current dates and times of upcoming live shopping parties.

Summer Vibes Live

Tons of gemstone bundles!

Healing Live

Spa + Self Care!

New Beginnings Live


Love Tatum Live FAQs

A Love Tatum Live is an in-real-time weekly shopping event on Love Tatum’s Instagram Live, that showcases a stunning array of specially chosen, pristine gemstones and jewelry, often including brand-new designs that haven’t been seen before.

Live sessions happen every Wednesday at noon, PST. But follow along in our Instagram Stories for all the sneak peeks and details. We always post a countdown prior to the Live session—just tap that countdown icon in our Story and Instagram will remind you with a notification to tune in, whenever we go live. Pretty soon you’ll be living for that “Love Tatum is going live” message!

From your smartphone (or even your laptop, tablet, or desktop computer!), click on our Love Tatum Instagram icon at any point once our Live has started. In order to make sure you don’t miss a minute, tap on the countdown we post in our stories leading up to the Live, so that Instagram will remind you when the magic happens. And don’t worry what you look like—you get to see all our beautiful gemstones, but all we see is your handle and any comments you make. (After you’ve joined the Live, you’ll see a prompt from Instagram that says, “Send a request to be in lovetatum’s live video”—you don’t need to click that!)

The average length of an LT Live is one to three hours. You can always join late and come and go as you please, but who knows what amazingness you might miss while you’re gone! If you get logged off for any reason, just join back in. We can catch you up if you think you missed something you wanted. If we have technical difficulties, check our IG Stories for details and updates.

The items on display are unique to each Live session, you’ll never see the same spread twice. Tatum chooses the gemstones and jewelry every week—inspired by her mood, the newest pieces, and whatever gemstones are calling her name, ready for their energy to be shared out in the world. One week it might be a stunning spread of pastels, inspired by a new batch of incredible pieces of amethyst. Another week it might be an ocean of blues, greens, and aquamarines, because Tatum’s loving some new Caribbean calcite. We’ll always preview Live items in our IG Stories, prior to the Live session, so you can think about what you want and be ready to claim whenever we go live. Typically we’ll post sneak peek teasers throughout the week, or at the very latest, the morning of the Live session.

Tatum goes through each piece on display. When she gets to one you want, simply comment with your name and the description of the piece you’re claiming. When she sees your claim she’ll verbally confirm that it’s yours. If multiple people are hoping to claim the same item, it goes to the first claim Tatum sees on her screen. (Just remember, if someone else gets a piece you wanted, don’t despair! It just means the universe has something else in store for you.) Sometimes Instagram can get kind of glitchy, and may try to block you if you comment a lot. But we’ve found a workaround! If it seems like Tatum isn’t seeing your claims, simply include an emoji with no spaces around it, or type “blocked” or “unblocked” before typing your claim. Don’t ask us why that works, it just does! If you’ve claimed an item, DM your email address once the Live session is over, so we can get your cart set up in our system.

Once you’ve claimed an item and have gotten verbal confirmation, it’s yours! Within 48 hours of the end of the Live session, your cart will be available at Just search for your email address to find it, and then make your payment through our checkout system. We ask that you pay your invoice within 24 hours of receipt or your claim will be forfeited. (Since that’s basically a “put back,” which is against LT Live rules, we’d have to block you from future Lives, consider yourself forewarned!)

If you bought something during our Live session, you’ll find your cart on our website within 48 hours. Once you’re there, you can add any gemstones or jewelry pieces from the Love Tatum shop, before you check out. Plus, our Love Tatum online shop is open 24/7, with lots of our signature pieces, so you can always get a little Love Tatum love in between Lives.

We are based in the U.S. and do all of our shipping through the U.S. Postal Service. Once you’ve paid your invoice from a Live session, you’ll be able to turn on notifications for shipment tracking details; we’ll ship your item(s) within 48–72 hours of receiving payment. Everything is shipped flat-rate priority, based on weight. Don’t worry, we wrap every gemstone like a baby! But you will have the option to choose Route shipping insurance, which we highly recommend. Once we pack these beauties up and send them off, it’s out of our hands.

No, you don’t need to have an account with Love Tatum to purchase something during a Live session. But once your first claim has been confirmed, DM us your email address and we’ll use it to create your Love Tatum account.

Good question! And that’s the best part. Join our Lives and you ARE a Live Tribe member. The more often you join, the better we’ll get to know you, the better you’ll get to know all the other Live Tribe members, and the more we’ll all appreciate each other’s wonderful presence. It’s a one-of-a-kind community, we can’t wait for you to hang with us! Seriously, heart-eye emojis x infinity.

Live Shopping

Party Rules

To claim an item, comment “your name + item name or description.” Remember: multiple people might be trying to claim the same item. I will always go with the person I see first on my screen. If you don’t get a piece you were hoping to claim, just remember, this is a loving community. Trust that the universe has something else in mind for you. I will always show another gemstone that has your name on it! 

There are no trades or switching. It just isn’t fair. Only claim something if you are serious about owning it. Put backs are not allowed; you will get blocked.

Once your claim has been confirmed, DM your email address.

After a Live sale, we’ll post your shopping cart on our website. Plug your email address into the search and your cart with your Live claim(s) will come up. You can always add other goodies from the website to your cart before you check out.

Invoices will be posted within 48 hours following the Live.

We ship everything through UPS. Shipping charges for "live shopping" are estimated based on weight, size of package and value. We offer saving to our loyal Live Tribe when ever possible and strive to expedite shipping each week. Most orders over $300 will require UPS signature. We’re based in the U.S. and ship domestically. We also offer international shipping. Please email with any shipping questions or requests.

Failure to comply with our rules will result in banning from future Lives and will get you blocked. It’s a respect thing, for everyone in the LT Live Tribe.